[goose egg and tomato can eat together] _ tomato _ feeds no-no – together

Article introduction

Goose egg is one kind is in the daily life of people, compare common food, also be a kind of food that can bring huge profit to human body health. Of course, goose egg is in edible when, also having certain contraindication, cannot eat with for example too much, low heat and arteriosclerosis person cannot eat etc. So, can goose egg eat together with tomato? Later development will have detailed introduction to this!

Can goose egg and tomato eat together

One, can goose egg and tomato eat together

Can eat together. The property of goose egg and egg is same, bases is protein, say the egg of goose egg from nutrient value1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Bai Han is measured even prep above egg, so, egg eating goose can eat tomato.

Both property does not conflict. A variety of protein are contained in goose egg, human body place is full of in protein must all sorts of amino acid, it is complete protein, easily human body is digested absorb. Tomato contains rich nutrition, be calledForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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“The fruit in magical dish ” . The malic acid inside tomato and the organic acid such as citric acid, still have raise gastric juice acidity, help aid digestion, have the effect that adjusts gastric bowel. So, it is possible that goose egg and tomato eat together.

Can goose egg and tomato eat together

2, the contraindication of egg eating goose

1, egg eating goose wants right amount, cannot eat too much, can give intestines and stomach otherwiseLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Create a burden, cause unwell.

2, goose egg cannot be fed together with the egg, can hurt vitality otherwise.

3, goose egg contains a kind of basic material, internally dirty have damage, accordingly everyday edible is unfavorable more than 3, lest injury is splanchnic.

4, low heat is not retreated, arteriosclerosis, stagnation of the circulation of vital energy person unfavorable egg eating goose.

3, how is goose egg carried

1, feel with the hand choose goose egg: Fumble with the hand namely the surface of the egg is rough, weigh in the hand the weight of the egg, put the egg on palmar heart to retroflexion etc. The chorion of egg of goose of fine qualitative delicacy is coarse, weight is appropriate. Second qualitative bright egg, chorion has nest of crackle, press or rub against or damaged, the hand feels bright slippery sense; More second broken, albumen pours out of the bright egg chorion of a few, weight of hand weigh in hand is lighter; Hand of inferior delicacy egg feels bright slippery sense, when weighing in the hand, pass light or overweight.

Can goose egg and tomato eat together

2, listen to sound to differentiate goose egg stand or fall: Take the egg on the hand, shake gently make egg and egg are touched each other attack, fine hear its voice; Or it is the hand is grasped jolty, hear its voice. Egg of qualitative bright egg and egg touch fine each other knock sound ringing, the hand holds an egg jolty and breathed. Second egg of qualitative bright egg and egg touch percussion to give hoarse voice (crackle egg) , the content when the hand is joltyShanghai noble baby

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Content has feeling of going from place to place. Egg of inferior delicacy egg and egg touch percussion to give each other (hatch egg) , empty empty sound (spray egg) . The hand holds thing of the content when the egg is jolty is ramshackle sound.

3, hear flavour to differentiate goose egg stand or fall: Use the mouth namely to1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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ChorionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Go up to breath out a steam gently, use nose scent next its odour. Fine pledges bright egg has slight calx taste. Second qualitative bright egg has slight calx flavour or spend mildew flavour gently. Inferior delicacy egg has mildew flavour, acidity, stink to wait.

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