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A lot of children compare a kind of situation that appears easily, appear the reason of this kind of circumstance has a lot of is to be short of what water brings about thereby likely, it is suffer from excessive internal heat is brought about thereby likelyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, also be mouth skin place appeared likely allergic reaction brings about thereby. Face parents of this kind of circumstance to be able to be paid attention to rise, and take step will handle, will recuperate even if compare good way through having something, so is child lip hoar it what eat is good to what eat?

Does child lip hair bilk what is good?

One, congee of pork liver yoke

Material: Egg rice of 100 grams, paddy 25 grams, pork liver 100 grams, cooking wine 2 grams, salt 2 grams.


1.Pork liver is become with knife chopShanghai noble baby

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Mash, add a few cooking wine, refined salt bloats 10 minutes.

2.Will put after a few rice is abluent water is added to boil inside boiler make congee stand-by.

3.The egg is thoroughlied cook go white hind, huang Yacheng mud, join at the same time with liver mud in boiling sodden rice congee.

4.Small fire of the reoccupy after flavorring boils about 15 minutes to be become namely.

Effect: EggFizzle out and iron of rich blood red element is contained in pork liver, human body is absorbed very easily, enrich the blood the effect is first-rate.

2, spinach decoct egg

Material: The meat with good souse of spinach, egg, salt.

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1.Will after spinach is abluent mincing, iron a bit with boiling water, fish out, drop opens moisture. the egg pink of the essence that add chicken and balm are in the bowl break up.

2.On fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, burn oil heat, ground meat decoct ripe. Crush after hamburger decoct is ripe, enter egg fluid, next rock bowl, spread divide evenly.

3.See egg cake condenses a bit a little, sprinkle spinach dust on egg cake. Small fire bake in a pan comes when brim cock, search an area quickly again bake in a pan can.

Does child lip hair bilk what is good?

Effect: Enrich the blood, the gas in tone, connect intestines and stomach.

3, milk of asparagus juice donkey-hide gelatin

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Material: Green asparagus juice 100 milliliter, donkey-hide gelatin 15 grams, xian Niu suckles 200 milliliter.


1.Preferential and fresh green asparagus is right amount, expurgation skin, wash with cold boiled water clean, mincing, extort fresh juice 100 milliliter, reserve.

2.The impurity in purify donkey-hide gelatin, knock after insolation broken, grind fine pink, put earthenware pot, add right amount clear water, stew with small fire boil.

3.Add enters the milk of boil, from fire. Juice of rejoin green asparagus, blend become namely equably.

Does child lip hair bilk what is good?

Effect: Enrich the blood beneficial gas, enhance immune power.

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