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Some moment, we can not discover the unwell symptom of the body by day, arrive instead night, all sorts of symptoms are met subsequently and come. Why to sleep in the evening have an itch to do sth, this is probable because dermatitis disease is brought about,be, and compare because of the job by dayA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Busy, ignored the unwell symptom of the body so, and arrive night, when cerebrum and body can undertake rest adequately, ability can discover have an itch to do sth.

Why to sleep in the evening have an itch to do sth

The diagnosis of dermatosis and other disease are same, must undertake integration analysis according to medical history, medical and lab examination: Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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1. asks medical history

Dermatological department should enquire the patient has mainly reach duration, level without self-conscious symptom how, the good hair place of leather damage and happen before ordinal, distributinging circumstance, configuration, colour and lustre reachs a disease, have early or late suffer from without other disease or had used why to plant medicaments, have without systemic symptom, wait to whether be concerned with seasonal, climate, life and working environment, food, have in the family without similar dermatosis, circumstance of the diagnosis and treatment after coming on and curative effect how.

Why to sleep in the evening have an itch to do sth

2. medical

(1) the sort of damage of the distributinging place that checks leather damage mainly, skin, amount, size, configuration, surface and base case, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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It is blister content content and color, its color, clear to form characteristic and border.

(2) auxiliary physics examination

1) Bo piece the law that press examine Bo piece press in forcibly damage on 10 ~ 20 seconds, inflammation sex1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Erythema and hemangioma color can disappear. Usable Yu Jian fastens erythema and violet spot, and observation lupus is nodal.

2) skin nick disease is used blunt implement delimit the skin, if having delimitinging,manage generation wind group, call positive of skin nick disease. Nettle rash patient often is masculine gender, different sexual dermatitis, the skin appears when the skin of red skin disease gives machinery is stimulated the anaemic sex reaction of cadaverous color.

3) sensory examination includes temperature to become aware, touch and sense of pain.

4) examination of filtration ultraviolet ray shows sap green fluorescence like favus ill hair, white tinea shows bright green fluorescence. Other disease, be like tinea versicolor, the Bu Lin disease firebug that can give out different color is smooth.

5) loose solution of spine layer cell is asked for (the family name asks for the Buddhist nun) elapse blister to all round diffuse, normal skin is driven to reach the skin with the normal exterior between blister to be namely by erase electropositive.

Why to sleep in the evening have an itch to do sth

3. lab is checked

(1) dermatosis of part of examination of skin organization pathology has its peculiar pathology to change, can depend on this diagnose and differentiate diagnose.

(2) spot of skin experiment ① sticks an experiment to be used at checking osculatory sex allergen. ② nick experiments or the experiment inside the skin is used at checking immediateness model change1000 beautiful companies of ShanghaiForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Voice reaction, determine whether does some kind of material have allergic reaction (Ⅰ ) . Experiment of element of ③ leprosy bacterium is used at judging situation of leprosy patient immunity. Experiment of element of ④ tinea bacterium conduces to the diagnosis of tinea bacterium rash.

(3) the diagnosis that examination of bug of rash of scabies of bacili of fungus of microbial examination skin, leprosy conduces to corresponding dermatosis.

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