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Article introduction

The uterus is important reproduction organ of the female, and after giving birth to the child, the puerpera’s uterus cannot contract instantly, because this abdomen looks bigger still. If the uterus does not contract for a long time, very big also to the female’s influence, because this needs female friends,have a few remedy that can promote an uterus contract. Below, introduce a few kinds to compare familiar uterine systole drug in clinical medicine for everybody.

Uterine systole medicine

One, shrink Gong Su

Taste the nerve hypophysis from pig, ox, sheep originally (the leaf after hypophysis) in extraction, also can synthesize artificially. Their effect price expresses with the unit, is 1 unit equivalent to 2? G is pure shrink Gong Su.

The process inside body: The inject inside flesh is absorbed good, 3-5 has effect inside minute, continuously 20-30 minute. Can absorb via nasal cavity. Major classics liver is destroyed, fraction with eduction of make water of original shape classics.

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Pharmacodynamics action: Already proved now, the uterus exists inside flowing flesh and mammary gland shrink Gong Su accepts put oneself in another’s position, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Lacteal action. Not pregnantA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The uterus suffers body density low, gravid uterus suffers body amount to increase gradually, to gravid later period amount accepting put oneself in another’s position amounts to highest peak, and the amount accepting put oneself in another’s position of palace body is apparent neck of prep above palace. Harmful response:

2, the Xie Su after hypophysis

This tasting is the rough-wrought agent that extracts in the nerve hypophysis that waits for an animal from pig, ox, sheep, embedded wait for a quantity shrink Gong Su (expedite child delivery element) with element of hemal step up (fight diuresis hormone) .

Element of the leaf after hypophysis shrinks mediumly Gong Suyou expedites child delivery, induced labor or postpartum and hemostaticShanghai noble baby

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Action, because part is complex, contain step up element, what make the same score slippery flesh to the uterus is alternative not tall, and harmful response is more, reason contracts as the uterusShanghai Long Feng forum

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Medicine already was shrunk Gong Su is replaced. The element of hemal step up that the Xie Suzhong after hypophysis contains has two kinds of effect: ① runs the corresponding union accepting put oneself in another’s position that go up through assembling with kidney, increase to be absorbed to moisture again, have fight diuresis action apparently, can use at treating diabetes insipidus; ② action at hemal and flowing flesh, systole is hemal, especially blood capillary and splanchnic small artery, can use at treating lung to bleed (haemoptysis) bleed with burst of the varicosity end esophagus, stomach (haematemesis) .

Uterine systole medicine

In addition, element of hemal step up still has brief elevatory blood pressure and gastric bowel action of flowing flesh excitement. After the Xie Su after using pituitary body, can appear disgusting, vomiting, complexion is cadaverous, perspire, frowsty, bellyacke, constipation reachs palpitation, bosom the harmful response such as allergic reaction, encounter this circumstance to should stop drug instantly. Hypertensive, anxiety of coronary heart disease, lung, heart failure, gravid hypertension is asked for integratedly etc ban with. No-no disease sees the rest shrink Gong Su.

3, amino ergot is alkaline kind

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Pharmacodynamics action: Can alternative excited uterus is flowing flesh, make an uterus contractive. Its characteristic is:

① effect is rapid, powerful and abiding;

Uterine systole medicine

② is compared to gravid uterus not pregnant uterus is sensitive, when You Yilin is produced, mix new postpartum uterus is the most sensitive;

③ is not had to the action of palace body and palace neck alternative, go against fetal childbirth to go out, reason is banned use at expediting child delivery, induced labor;

④ dosage is largish cause uterine rigidity sex to contract namely, oppressive and hemal and have hemostatic effect.

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