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Rectum place retains the digestive function that be in, also having main effect in the system of intestines and stomach of human body, so colon and rectum are two digestive key link that cannot neglect. But knot rectum interior grows a tumour easily also, but be in of knot rectum tumour come on inchoate often behave without apparent symptom. So patients of a lot of knot rectum tumour missed first-rate to treat time, and the form is treated on contemporary and clinical medicine1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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What does the plan of rectum tumour have?

 Knot rectum tumour

Knot rectum tumour is inchoate1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Show clinical symptom, easy be increased as tumor by negligence; , appear gradually the following symptom:

1, defecate is used to a change: It is the change; of defecate frequency or defecate appearance more

2, n/med having blood in one’s stool: Color is deeper, mix blood having pus, companion has effluvial, clinical on should n/med having blood in his stool to differentiate; with haemorrhoid

3, bellyacke: Terminal knot rectum is malign tumor can appear the semiotic; of bellyacke

4, right half colonic cancer appears easily the anaemia of unidentified reason or calorific.

 Knot rectum tumour

The dietary principle of the patient after resection of knot rectum tumour

(The 1 ~ after resection of rectum of 1) common form 2 days, via the doctor the license can begin to eat Qing Dynasty shedding to feed, be like brine of rare rice water, candy. Every eat can be begun by 50 milliliter, increase to 100 ~ slowly 200 milliliter, 8 eat of a day of 6 ~ .

(Doctor 2) tells a patient to be able to begin to enter stream after feeding, but by stream feed, like rice of frost of lotus root starch, almond, baby burnt, gruel reachs weak fruit juice, carrot juice to wait begin. Transfer to flow partly to low fat little broken bits gradually feed, dish of a round mass of food of a thick soup of mud of soup of the congee that be like rice, sodden noodle, a knot in one’s heart, steamed bread, potato and yoghurt, egg, lean lean, melon and fruit. Pap of little broken bits can try after suiting, about 2 month hind transfer to be fed to general gradually.

 Knot rectum tumour

(After resection of 3) knot rectum, the patient is likelihood happening diarrhoea, abdominal distension wait for a symptom, if food restores slower or weight has dropped fast, can coach in doctor or nutrient division preparation of the nutrition inside compensatory bowel comes to next profess to convinced the inadequacy that complement absorbs.

(4) bowel builds buccal patient to should notice limitation is many broken bits, acrimony reach the food that produces gas, a kind of sedge that be like garlic, chili, leek, turnip, dry beans, corn.

(The rehabilitation after 5) art period costive patient can take dish mud, apple mud, dissolubility the stimulative defecate eduction such as prandial fiber.

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