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Prostate examination is the commonner examination technology before one project, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Examine arrives in prostate current condition, normally cent is the examination means of prostate different type, but often be to need bladder to be in plentiful condition among the process that examining, if the patient did not drink water, the doctor can make us much more compensatory moisture, and should drink 500 milliliter at least.

Prostate examination need is hollow

Is prostate examination need hollow?

Whether does prostate examination need hollow whether does the prostate examination project that should see place do need.

The supersonic examination that secrete make water fastens needs plentiful bladder, so that see clear ureter fall paragraph reach prostate (be located in bladder rear, reason needs to fillForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Be filled with bladder to regard the window that show voice as) , reach prostate to have without stone with eliminating this paragraph of ureter to have without the disease. Water in before the examination 30 minutes commonly 500-1000ml, make plentiful is spent in bladder, store uric quantity makes an appointment with 300ml to be appropriate, because cystic plentiful is excessive,this is can make image ambiguous; and plentiful is not worth a meeting to affect examination result.

The examination means of prostate has two kinds, one kind exceeds an examination for classics rectum B, still answer to discharged empty rectum that day in the examination besides plentiful bladder, when necessary clean clyster, be opposite with content of eduction bowel content the interference that exceeds acoustic imaging. Another kind exceeds an examination for classics abdomen B, the advantage of this method is the patient does not have any unwell feeling, do not cause urethralA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Infection, but check clarity as classics rectum.

Prostate examination need is hollow

Is prostate examination need hollow?

1, male property force is abate: The sexual activity nerve that prostatitis can cause the man and nerve center often appear exalted position, but if be in exalted position for a long time to cause sexual excitement of the male easily,be restrainedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, thereby function of occurrence sex of prevail on male is low.

2, cause disease of female department of gynaecology: Because get,a few bacteria are affected and cause male prostatitis, bring about sexual life moment easily, among the reproductive organ that these bacteria enter a female, make thereby the female is affected, cause inflammation of department of gynaecology.

3, endocrinopathy: The prostate of normal man can secrete a variety of active substance, but suffer from on prostatitis brings about secretion easily to be affected, bring about male endocrinopathy thereby, bring about the male to appear thereby giddy, lack of power wait for a symptom.

Prostate examination need is hollow

4, life work is affected: Because the male suffers from,go up prostatitis, cause frequent micturition, make water thereby urgent, make water is endless wait for a variety of phenomena, make out of control of mental or emotional state of patient classics reason, fretted and disturbed, affect normal life of the male therebyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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With the job.

5, infection of organ of other photograph adjacent: Because prostatitis is not treated for a long time, bring about male inflammation easily to diffuse, influence photograph adjacent apparatus thereby, lure those who send inflammation to appear.

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