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Hypertension is a kind of commonner old people disease, because,basically be bloodFall in love with the sea

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The negotiability of fluid is hemal perhaps the blood pressure that the reason that jam causes is elevatory, need the sentiment that everybody is dominating him at ordinary times, and the mood is ultra the blood pressure instantaneous that cause is elevatory, what affect old people thereby is healthy. Hypertensive examination method is supersonic and intentional report graph, enchanted the method such as graph and eye ground examination, these examination methods are to need to go to a hospital undertaking operatingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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How is hypertensive reason checked1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Hypertensive first visit to a doctor often makes an inspection

(Supersonic and L) cardiogram, enchanted sternum of graph and X line

Determine condition of function of hypertensive patient heart, judge whether intentional dirty hypertrophy, whether to put in cardiac muscle injury or amalgamative coronary heart disease to wait.

See aorta, rise especially, bend ministry is circuitous lengthen, its rise, gong Huo falls ministry but outspread, occurrence hypertension sexual heart disease from time to tome left room increases, when Zun Xin fails, left room increases more apparent, ventricle can be controlled to increase when total heart fails, have lobar gore sign, see congest apparently between lung when lobar oedema, show shadow of butterfly form faintness, should convention photographs an examination, so that be compared when around examination.

Think at present, with examination of bosom X line, electrocardiogram is compared, supersonic and enchanted the graph is the method with the most sensitive and reliable fleshy of room of diagnostic Zun Xin, can be in 2 dimension are recorded on foundation of supersonic fixed position M supersonic curve or undertake metrical from 2 dimension graph directly.

(Examination of 2) eye ground

In measuring retina, heart artery presses visible heighten, the different level that develops in the illness sees following eye ground change:

Ⅰ class: Retinal arterial convulsion.

Ⅱ class A: Retinal artery spends sclerosis gently.

Ⅱ class B: Retinal artery is remarkable and sclerotic.

Ⅲ class: Ⅱ class adds retinal pathological change (haemorrhage or oozy) .

Ⅳ class: Ⅲ class adds optic nerve tit oedema

How is hypertensive reason checked

(3) make water is groovy check

Uric conventionA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The examination can understand have damage without inchoate kidney, hypertensive whether by the kidney1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Disease suffers from cause and whether to accompany have diabetic etc.

(4) blood convention

Red blood cell and haemoglobin are not had commonly unusual, but rabid model the sex of hemolysis of capillary ill sex that there can be Coombs experiment negative when hypertension is anaemic, accompany abnormal red blood cell, haemoglobin is tall person haemal viscosity increases, have thrombosis complication easily (include cerebral block) with left ventricular hypertrophy. Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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(Examination of 5) blood biochemistry

Include viscosity of acid of fat of electrolyte of oar of urea nitrogen, flesh, blood, blood sugar, hematuria, blood to wait, the help makes clear hypertension to whether be caused by nephritic disease, judgement hypertension is right influence degree of the kidney, whether to put in certain and critical factor and amalgamative disease, if tall lipemia, diabetic, high make water is acerbity hematic disease.

How is hypertensive reason checked

(6) is other examination

Kidney and adrenal B exceed color of examination, heart Duopule is supersonic reach hemal Duopule is supersonic (artery of carotid, kidney and cerebral artery) examination. It is normal that blood pressure measures 24 hour trendses to be able to record day and night surely the blood pressure of life condition, know rule of section of blood pressure of day and night, so that reasonable guidance uses medical time, dose.

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