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? ? The advent of summer when, very much beautiful eyebrow people begin to perplex, because before be, some eats the thing is too much too fat perhaps, the body appeared fat symptom. Reduce weight thin body is the thing of a special worry, looking in a lot of people is exceedingly difficult, because importunate time is longer, appetite problem also is to want pilot relatively. We come to simple understanding concern the issue that holds at healthy thin body below.

How does thin body gymnastics do health

? ? 1. Make with toe and palm prop up, carry a backForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
The ministry is erect, basin bone is slight sink, curve elbow, the body drops to the ground slowly, restore to begin a pose next. Make such 8 motions. Clew: What will carry your back with abdominal force is erect.

? ? 2. Bipod is apart, be the same as with coxa ministry wide, the hand is put in the two side of the body. Left foot backward one pace, the body drops to curve 90 degrees till right knee, stand backward straight, restore original poseShanghai noble baby

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, change leg practice. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Make this motionA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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10. Clew: Carry back straight, do not make shoulder flagging.

? ? 3. Sideways lies to the left, leg unbend, left arm ground, curve the waist, make the upper part of the body is raised, the right hand is put in coxa ministry, wear an abdomen, raise your coxa ministry next, maintain 30 seconds. If if you are irretentive 30 seconds are medium, also can change 5 seconds or 10 seconds, rest next 5 seconds, so discontinuous move does 1 minute. Right repeats this act. Clew: RaiseSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Coxa ministry when, abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. .

? ? 4. Back lies on the ground, left leg bends, right leg unbend. Hand ground, the centre of the palm up. Calcaneal exerts oneself to do sth. , raise the body slightly, raise right leg unbend, raise coxa ministry next, make the body and leg are become all the time line, maintain this pose 2 seconds, use the time in two seconds next, reduce back slowly, restore to begin a pose. Rest 1 second, repeat next. Or so leg is done 10 times each. Clew: Want to add the word of bit of difficulty, can put both hands across before the bosom.

? ? Above held such problem to undertake comparative simple answer relatively with respect to healthy thin body. Healthy diet and habits and customs are very important, we are in at ordinary times when the health that does not need food only, athletic project also needs us to decide according to his body state. Occasionally morning runs to also calculate going up is more healthy motion kind. QuantityA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Force and travel is better.

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