” god of pretty barren search writes down ” 2 measure fast newspaper: Action of class of new generation lead plane experiences

MMOARPG blows hard ” god of pretty barren search is written down ” test burning passion is in fervent in undertaking. This behavioral high-quality goods that develops 6 years with CryEngine3 engine last a period of time, through the burnish of a year of time, no matter be in,the movement experiences a respect, brought brand-new feeling to the player. Current, media of collaboration of each large engage by special arrangement still has a few activation to pile up in extending, want to enter world of old be out of practice you, do not miss final opportunity!

” god of pretty barren search is written down ” , the characteristic that behaves admiral CryEngine3 engine in the picture is shown incisively and vividly, be opposite especially of smooth shadow and water system make. Game whole picture is delicate, graph grain is stuck below close shot exquisite, distant view air is boundless, TOD (Time Of Day) real time weather of below the system 24 hours changes, let a person have a kind of place oneself the feeling of real world. The player expresses, the picture that this measures is compared head measure promotion many, light is the sky saw 7, 8 kinds of different color changed. New setting quicksand labyrinthian, Pingyang appears everglade, it is the amorous feelings of old be out of practice that let a player experience rich and colorful more.

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