Net first quarter gain adds Guangdong state-owend enterprise 33% industry business contributes nearly half profit

Login register state-owend enterprise of Guangdong of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian does net first quarter gain add 33% industry business to contribute: of origin of nearly half profit? Play ferment?2017-04-24 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

Recently, the reporter saves national endowment from Guangdong appoint know, 2017 first quarter, save national endowment to superintend an enterprise to achieve profit total completely thirty-three billion five hundred and eighty-eight million yuan, increase 7.395 billion yuan compared to the same period, grow 28.2% , relatively annual promoted 26.4 percent last year; Implementation net profit twenty-five billion and sixty-eight million yuan, grow 33% compared to the same period, successive 4 months maintain growing, turned round the impetus that dropped compared to the same period last year, obtain make a good beginning.

Among them, to saving national endowment to superintend company profit completely growth is contributed the biggest is industry, mechanical manufacturing industry and trade line of business industrial all achieve rapid growth, guangdong state-owend enterprise produces main effect in revitalizing hypostatic economy.

Revitalize industrial

Industrial business contributes nearly half profit

Chief researcher Li Jin is in Chinese enterprise academy to had published an article this year in March, think the state-owend enterprise is entering the start of new cycle probably. Look in him, our country state-owend enterprise may have left to be as long as 6 years go producing can, be good at body and balance sheet adjust thin body, entering the start of new cycle. The symptom of this new cycle has appeared in the expression of outstanding achievement of Guangdong state-owend enterprise first quarter.

First quarter, save national endowment to superintend an enterprise to realize battalion to receive three hundred and thirty-five billion nine hundred and thirty-one million yuan completely, increase forty-four billion eight hundred and eighty-seven million yuan compared to the same period, grow 15.4% , amplitude relatively annual promoted 9.7 percent last year, successive business income amplitude maintains two months to be counted in two-step,

Save national endowment appoint relevant controller introduces, the performance of Guangdong state-owend enterprise in hypostatic economy is good first quarter, produce example effect. First quarter, save national endowment to superintend company profit to contribute completely the biggest is industry, occupy than 46.80% , contributed 15.73 billion yuan of profit. Among them, benefit of rigid production business achieves high speed growth, the accumulative total of 157 rigid produ阿爱上海同城

ction companies that saves national endowment to superintend completely realizes business income one hundred and five billion two hundred and sixty-five million yuan, grow 28.88% compared to the same period; Accumulative total achieves profit total twelve billion five hundred and eighty-three million yuan, grow 42.72% compared to the same period.

In recent years, save national endowment to superintend an enterprise completely closely around carry qualitative synergism, transition to upgrade with thin body the working key of be good at body, cogent reform sex of supply side structure advocate battlefield is上海贵族宝贝论坛

put in hypostatic economy, promote element of each respect resource上海夜网论坛

to accelerate gather to hypostatic economy.

Notable is, guangdong state-owend enterprise revitalizes infuse new kinetic energy for hypostatic economy, drive manufacturing industry Xiang Zhonggao actively to carry a level to develop. First quarter, production company of superintendency car of 24 national endowment of Guangdong realizes gain 7.069 billion yuan, occupy whole mechanism to make an enterprise implement the in part of profit.

Begin from the year before last year, sale of wide steam group is added fast rank group of 6 old state-owned cars all the time the first, first quarter still is to add this year fast the fastest, become car city to add fast king. Wide steam releases outstanding achievement shows first quarter, sales volume grew 30.97% compared to the same period. Violent wind of wide steam sales volume goes up, yuan Chao gives country other sales volume of group of 5 old cars, maintain in 10% right-and-left amplitude.

Mixed in the past now actually changeless, it is innovation ability! Chief thinks related wide steam group, wide steam group gets region innovation to be done well in the core such as product, service, become the key of rapid growth, revitalize hypostatic economy, want clinch to innovate this bibcock, drive manufacturing industry Xiang Zhonggao to car上海贵族宝贝

ry development.

Carry qualitative synergism

Trade business manages quality to promote

Look in the expert, guangdong enterprise realizes a season get off to a good start, look forward to of macroscopical economy of watch palpability Guangdong is firm improve to supply and demand of good, market, mainer reason depends on deepening sex of supply side structure to reform continuously, fulfil seriously 3 go falling to fill 5 big jobs, exert oneself transition upgrades, the indefatigable effort that promotes the respect such as qualitative synergism to make.

Regard sex of supply side structure as the substantial of reform, 爱上海同城对对碰

have the salt industry that gets attention is reformed, also come true first quarter smooth be born, firm in have into. Guangdong saves salt industry group to face many salt company and salt breed to enter the concussion of Guangdong market, begin deep add variety, shift strategy of character, strong brand, still hold the market share of 上海贵族宝贝论坛

95% above first quarter, sit firmly the head of Guangdong salt market an ancient folding chair.

And trade business accuses through advancing a risk to prevent and leave no stone unturned falls cost, battalion receives look forward to firm pick up, profit grows considerably, management quality promotes considerably. First quarter, save national endowment to superintend 902 trade business to realize business income in all completely sixty-six billion one hundred and four million yuan, grow 4.69% compared to the same period, amplitude is compared annual promoted 15.3 percent last year; Realize gain 1.522 billion yuan, grow 101.99% compared to the same period.

The expert thinks, first quarter of outstanding achievement of Guangdong state-owend enterprise pick up, with sex of supply side structure reform is having most immediate concern. Manufacturing industry becomes the main source of profit, especially the new profit point of growth such as manufacturing industry of electronic equipment, automobile is being formed, industry structure tends optimize, circumstance of state-owend enterprise operation is socioeconomy the barometer of main area, guangdong state-owend enterprise is in industrial medium good performance, revitalized hypostatic economy to make model for Guangdong, strengthened confidence.

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