Small gain shuts anger of small gain of interface of capture of content of today’s top headlines to seal today’s top headlines tripartite interface

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of the network austral Fujian to shut anger of small gain of interface of capture of content of today’s top headlines to seal today’s top headlines origin of tripartite interface: 36 krypton 2017-08-11 10:03 Http://

Small head of product of media of the socialization below banner of today’s top headlines be suspected of bypassing small gain capture uses inside look, small gain violent rage seals port.

Small gain a上海夜网论坛

nd today’s top headlines produced openly conflict eventually.

Today midday at 12 o’clock, small gain government announced a community announcement, say platform of news of some tripartite is in small gain none know the inside story, not below the circumstance of accredit direct from small gain capture the content from media Zhang date, in view of its conduct character is serious, small gain go ahead of the rest suspended tripartite interface, express will lawfully thought fors the time being. (recommend: Today’s top headlines catchs data of sina small gain to ban reason beginning and end instead by secretly)

The platform of tripartite news that small gain is aimed at is not others, be latter limelight strong today’s top headlines.

According to partial head date author reaction, begin from yesterday, in enter a head after date author page, the government can accuse a community those who go out to invite accredit to open source of small gain content first inside measure an announcement. The announcement shows, after opening this function, first date platform will provide technical capability, the gregarious media product that the content that help user releases the platform such as small gain publishs banner of today’s top headlines automatically to fall regularly is small first go up.

First date author needs to click accredit synchronism page to will be entered directly only bind calm link, if before this account is bound pass small gain surely, so whole process does not need you to log onto date of small gain Zhang to seek authorization again even.

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