15 ministries and commissions realize promotion car basically 2020 to be enclothed completely with alcohol benzine

The sound that occupies China ” news freely ” report, drive cheering is people goes the indispensable link in travel daily. Everybody knows, the wine that drink a dot drives start off, that calls wine to drive, it is to hand in the danger with forbidden compasses to drive behavior. But, your love car should drink bit of alcohol to go up road, that calls environmental protection, it is the clean the sources of energy that the country is encouraged and popularizes give an one of plan.

Recently, the country develops innovation appoint, the 15 branches such as bureau of national energy resources, Ministry of finance combine print and distribute ” be produced about enlarging biology fuel alcohol and popularize use car to use alcohol petrolic to implement plan ” . According to plan, to 2020, car of will basic implementation uses alcohol gas inside countrywide limits enclothe completely. To 2025, strive dimensions of cellulose alcohol implementation turns production, technology of advanced biology liquid fuel, equipment and industrial whole achieve international banner level, form more perfect commercialize moving mechanism.

Add fuel alcohol in benzine with certain proportion, form a car to use alcohol gas. This kind of benzine can reduce the carbon in car tail gas effectively to discharge, fine grained content is discharged with etc the pollution of harmful material, the combination according to 15 ministries and commissions ” executive plan ” , our country will popularize E10 alcohol benzine in the round, be in namely benzine joins the metamorphic fuel alcohol of 10% in concoctive constituent oil concoctive and become environmental protection benzine.

Actually, fuel alcohol industry is in our country 15 years ago emerge as the times require. Spoken parts in an opera, it 上海贵族宝贝论坛

once was one of important steps that we digest redundant corn. With exceed period straw of the corn that exceeds bid, trash as raw material, produce clean gas, the help solves the problem such as the mist haze that puzzles a lot of people at present, this is 15 ministries and commissions released a few days ago ” executive plan ” basic logic.

Change according to national hair appoint ” but long-term development plans in second birth the sources of energy ” the target that give out, to 2020 the annual interest dosage of alcohol of fuel of our country biology will achieve 10 million tons. And according to ” executive plan ” operation, to 2020, alcohol petrolic is used will cover the throughout the country basically. How does alcohol of comprehensive promotion fuel and it mediate the alcohol gas that give will change our life?

Had not entered the autumn to burn the day of straw, traditional in the winter coal fired season is far still more, however the mist haze that brandish does not go to howe上海贵族宝贝交流区

ver already intermittence ground envelops area of Beijing ferry look forward to. Tell from this angle, biology fuel alcohol and alcohol petrolic promotion are imperative. China International project seeks advice from company petrifaction to spin Le Youhua of department vice director gently to express, alcohol petrolic is used to the environment friendly it is comprehensive.

Le Youhua: It is the fuel alcohol of raw material with corn as a whole, big result is complete lifecycle in probably a ton of alcohol can decrease a platoon 34% , if cellulose alcohol was commercialized 2025,get rapid development, so benefit of this environmental protection is more apparent, can achieve 75% above. Regard cellulose alcohol as this industry especially, should say to be able to solve us effectively this straw burns contaminative atmospheric problem.

Since new century, energy security and environmental problem are become increasingly restrict the focal problem that can develop continuously, biology fuel alcohol because its but second birth, environment maturity of friendly, technology, use convenient, easily the integrated advantage such as promotion, make the ideal benzine constituent that replaces fossil fuel, get popularizing in a lot of countries, manufacturing consumption dimensions also grows quickly inside global limits, 36.28 million tons from 2005, 79.15 million tons when increase to 2016.

According to not complete count, already more than 40 countries and alcohol of fuel of area promotion biology and car use alcohol gas, year consumptive alcohol benzine makes an appointment with 600 million tons, occupy world gas to always be consumed 60% the left and right sides. Among them, the United States consumes a country as the biggest fuel ethanol production on the world, used many 阿爱上海同城

tons 4000 one year last year. Our country is ranked the 3rd, but consumption of item the year before last year has nearly 2.6 million tons only, develop opposite lag.


Use up big country to an oil for, alcohol petrolic is used can replace partial oil, very important to energy security.

Original owner of ministry of science and technology of Chinese petro-chemical group allows to teach Qiao Yingbin of class senior engineer: Many tons 4000 (one year) fuel alcohol of the United States (use quantity) the sources of energy that raising him occupied 8 percent in self-sufficient rate. If our country develops energetically, also meet self-sufficient to this our the sources of energy rate rises greatly. Our country imported 381 million tons oil 2016, oil external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent is 65.4% .

More important is, international experience makes clear, alcohol of development biology fuel can build the long-term, stable, treatment that can accuse to change channel for a large amount of produce, raise a country to be opposite the adjusting control ability of grain market.

Le Youhua: It is national strategy when needing, accelerate the ground to exceed these namely period the commissariat that exceeds bid undertakes changing, if supply and demand is tight when, advocate if use cassava,these amylaceous raw material a future life produce fuel alcohol, form a goo上海千花社区

d adjusting control step.

In the meantime, industry of biology fuel alcohol also is to deal with exceed period the efficient way that exceeds the commissariat such as mark. And our country is current ju爱上海龙凤419桑拿

st lies the position with a many and excess corn.

Qiao Yingbin: I get during two meetings (message) , the report on two meetings, our country is northeast 3 provinces and Inner Mongolia, the inventory of corn exceeds store. Stored how many? 230 million tons of corn. If these corn put a year again, two years, 3 years, this corn is bad after 3 years to ate.

Besides super- period the commissariat that exceeds bid supports fuel ethanol production, calculate according to concerning authoritative orgnaization, home still has every year available straw and forestry litter exceed 400 million tons, among them 30% can produce biology fuel alcohol 20 million tons. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, the young associate that fears fuel alcohol pushs fast food price people can put a person’s mind to wash wash slept.

Of course, calculate fuel alcohol all sorts of good, deserve comprehensive promotion, but, the wide cart that cheers to earning wage advocate people for, more is the benzine of environmental protection also having more the costly division that allows common people heartbeat to quicken? Can the cost using a car of ordinary common people rise accordingly after all?

Industry of alcohol of fuel of our country biology began to develop from 2001. Up to now, the whole nation has had 11 provinces area benzine of pilot promotion alcohol, alcohol gasoline consumption occupies the 1/5 that consumes gross to benzine of whole nation of the corresponding period. According to Liaoning province hair changes appoint the introduction of relevant controller, benzine of pilot area alcohol and traditional benzine are the same as valence.

Of course, ever also had a car advocate report, the oily waste time that the feeling used alcohol benzine car appears taller. To this, many accept the expert that interview to express clearly, do not put in this differentia to fasten.

Courtyard of petrifaction stone division teachs Zhang Yongguang of class senior engineer in: It is calorific value, add E10 (alcohol benzine) if more theoretic than common benzine (calorific value) it is poor 3.8% . But you cannot say to be broken with respect to complete caustic 3.8, the olefin that compares us because of its octane number, aromatic hydrocarbon is tall basically unit of ten octane number, made up for probably we think 1%-2% is oily the loss of bad news, it can apply to high compression ratio better (engine) the play of car function. 2 o’clock is itself it contains oxygen, promoted it (benzine) combustion, hydrocarbon of complete flaming of a few unfinished has gotten comparative good combustion, from this angle the likelihood made up for 1%-2% again.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, american authoritative research organization ever had done the test of example of 16 solid cars, the result makes clear E10, the difference that adds the alcohol benzine of 10% fuel alcohol and common benzine to go up in oily bad news namely is negligible not plan.

Institute of Tsinghua university environment teachs Wu Ye: The alcohol of 10% is put in, to satisfy our newest state standard of petrolic of Ⅴ country Ⅵ , it that benzine (constituent is oily) it is to should undertake a few adjust. We had made near 10 cars two this years inside time in the past, did about a hundred groups of tests probably. Will see a few kinds of common models at present, in the country there is discovery inside the car of Ⅴ of country of Ⅲ country Ⅳ , its specific power consumption (because) used alcohol gas and rose.

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

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