Industry of Fujian Province provide for the aged tries water cure to raise pattern of combinative innovation provide for the aged

Aged always be accompanied with senile disease and go, old people once sicken often must rush about in family, hospital and interagency of provide for the aged. Accordingly, the old person also expands to the demand of provide for the aged should medical treatment is taken care of. No matter be cure of the high end in layout,raise a village, still use technology of content couplet net to build community to reside center of the home provide for the aged, it is the active attempt that drives cure to raise shirt-sleeve development.

Lin Laoxian of 74 years old is unripe this year spend lung because rheumatoid arthritis is amalgamative gently to affect, two months are sent toward cure of hospital of division of lung of the Fuzhou City, Fujian early or late recently big accessary cure of the first hospital. Lin Laoxian is unripe have rheumatoid arthritis old, such scene happens year after year almost in last few years, let Lin Laoxian give birth to a family to have some of be unable to stand.

Can see a doctor to the old person already, can you help the place of provide for the aged again?

Cure raises pattern of combinative provide for the aged, the family that may be born to Lin Laoxian brings good news.

Aged the society calls cure to raise couple

Cure raises pattern of combinative provide for the aged, be can satisfy the hospital on old people a serious illness already, chronic and common ill treatment, rehabilitation and nurse in orgnaization of provide for the aged, alleviate on certain level again the mode of new-style provide for the aged with difficult be in hospital of current large hospital. Mode of this kind of provide for the aged will make broken solution henceforth aged China often is raised somewhat, old somewhat the breach of cure.

Parental age is old, the body not very is good, if only our Fuzhou can have a garden of flycatcher resembling north to be able to see a doctor already euqally, can the place of provide for the aged, ne新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ed not arrive home from the hospital so in back and forth do sth over and over again! After academy of fine arts of Lin Laoxian’s unripe centrally of 2 sons Lin Dong graduates, bring the home in爱上海

Beijing, parental it is local born and bred Fuzhou person, I do not have method to persuade their change to live toward Beijing. Once they fall ill, my elder sister a person attends come nevertheless, I must return Fuzhou. Say honest, really ability not equal to one’s ambition.

The Beijing swallow garden that Lin Dong says, it is peaceful Kang Renshou in the whole nation the cure of first practice operation raises village of combinative provide for the aged. Put forward cure the earliest to raise the company that joins a concept as home, health person life is in peaceful early to obtained China to protect inspect to be able to be approved 2009, in countrywide rate advanced practise medicine raises couple the village is pilot. All previous classics tries hard 7 years, last year June, beijing swallow garden opens wide a gate to meet an old person eventually, pulled open the big screen that industry of our country provide for the aged grows to diversity from sheet, raise to dissolve cannot raise contradictory exploration to give a new way without cure, cure.

As aged speedy arrival of the society, 935 period, aged, advanced age changes Fujian Province population, empty nest changes a process to will be accelerated further. 阿拉爱上海同城

Advanced age is broken can the grow in quantity of the old person, the mode of domestic provide for the aged of your tradition is afterwards hard. According to saving statistic of office of council of the aged job, up to by 2014, save 60 one full year of life and population of above old age to amount to completely 4.96 million, 13.03% what hold proportion of Fujian Province total population; Save available mew old person completely one million and ninety-four thousand nine hundred person, 22.07% what hold old people mouth.

How to answer provide for the aged to challenge, it is our everybody must the problem of straight face.

Drive resource of medical treatment, provide for the aged to be shared in order

On the gerontology of the 2nd China that held a few days ago and congress of innovation of science and technology, chinese gerontology learns chairman model benefit to express, the slow disease of 7 old people existence that become above and in all ill, slow disease, in all ill meeting causes be put into trouble of old person much system, cause much organ exhaustion finally, it is the mainest reason that the old person dies.

In November 2015, transmit of general office of the State Council ” the directive opinion that joins about advancing medical treatment sanitation and photograph of service of provide for the aged ” , comprehensive deploy advances medical treatment sanitation and photograph of service of provide for the aged to be united in wedlock further, put forward 2020, all medical establishment offer the green channel that provides the convenience service such as registration, go to a doctor for old people, orgnaization of all provide for the aged can offer medical treatment sanitation to serve to enter old people with different form. Also raised union to make overall overall arrangement for cure at the same time: Cure raises couple not only the living that incorporates a tradition attends service, more outstanding is to include service of health care of medical treatment rehabilitation, it is collect medical treatment, health seeks advice上海龙凤论坛

, diagnosis and treatment of checkup, sickness and nurse, rehabilitation of a serious illness and m上海贵族宝贝

ortal consideration serve mode for the provide for the aged of an organic whole.

Relevant personnel is accepting branch of Fujian Province civil administration last week when the reporter is interviewed, unscramble think, boost medical treatment sanitation and tie of photograph of service of provide for the aged, essence is resource of integrated provide for the aged and medical treatment resource, make medical treatment sanitation and implementation of resource of service of provide for the aged are shared in order, let old people can nearby obtains medical treatment service, allow dispersive live out one’s life in retirement break can or reside an old person to often can be raised somewhat alone, old somewhat cure.

Presiding apparitor Chendong rises peaceful Kang Renshou not long ago expresses when Fuzhou accepts a reporter to interview, cure raises an industry is the industry that provides humanitarian care most, aged setting is quickened to fall in Chinese society, the State Council encourages social capital to enter provide for the aged to serve industry, put forward clearly to drive cure to raise shirt-sleeve development, explore new pattern of medical establishment and collaboration of orgnaization of provide for the aged.

Till now, peaceful health had raised in cure nearly 20 billion yuan invested on union, be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou at present and other places already layout. City of every provincial capital meets tomorrow those who have us is medium high-end cure raises a village, fuzhou has been in optional location, can begin construction as soon as possible construction. Chen Dongsheng discloses say.

Internet + explores new pattern of provide for the aged

Headquarters is set in Fujian from trade division Fuzhou piece the Fujian of the area raises Inc. of science and technology of business affairs of Chu Bao electron, also do poineering work in the masses, cure of the exploration in the tide that millions of people innovates raises couple, mode of innovation provide for the aged.

On May 16, project of health provide for the aged starts a Chu Baojian that learns committee of major of pattern of new business of Internet of institute of academy enterprise innovation to sponsor by Chinese management division meeting, in Fujian from trade division mutiple level capital trades the center is held. Fujian raises course of study of Chubao author Wu Feng to say, regard a 2 generation as Internet enterprise, the Internet of this company + industry of provide for the aged of big healthy spending will use technology of content couplet net, the community that builds cure to raise couple resides center of the home provide for the aged, safeguard old people often is raised somewhat, old somewhat cure, old somewhat happy, old it is somewhat.

I am born in old and well-known family of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, be graduated from university of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science, know very well the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is in precautionary health care and the special advantage that control not ill aspect. Wu Feng industry says to the reporter, fujian raises Chubao company to pass Internet + design, the provide for the aged that built to unite is communal service information platform, as a whole the of all kinds provide for the aged of government sector and market serves information natural resources, build database of provide for the aged, offer the life to attend for old people, one continuous line of solac上海贵族宝贝交流区

e of critical support, Medical Protection, psychology serves.

We plan and other places of city of preexistence Fuzhou, spring, Xiamen to be rolled out gradually this year, the medical service that constructs healthy provide for the aged raises 4S inn, after gaining experience, push in complete province and even whole nation. Wu Feng industry says, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised again, we had passed the attestation of management board of medicine of national traditional Chinese medical science, all 4S inn will provide expert group according to uniform standard, offer the plan of health care of dietotherapy take good care of sb that is aimed at individual situation and rehabilitation to nurse for the old person service.

Come to the office of council of job of countrywide the aged that Fuzhou attends the meeting that start on a special trip vice director Yan Qingchun thinks, wait for preserve one’s health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, health care, rehabilitation in introducing provide for the aged, with the demand bearing be identical of current old people, the medical service that also proposes energetically at present with the country raises photograph of means of combinative provide for the aged to agree, it is the development direction of mode of provide for the aged of our country future, the government will give on policy support energetically.

Interview reading notes

Fulfil cure to raise couple

Those who need to divide system is tired

Provide for the aged, seeing a doctor is the life task that old people does not circle. Good medical service raises couple, need to satisfy two principles at least: It is to see a doctor, submit an expense account convenient, 2 it is to offer the medical service that has quality to raise a service.

Current, our country cure raises good and evil people mixed up of combinative domain it may be said, the good and bad are intermingled, all sorts of industry condition full of beautiful things in eyes, but what cry so that noise, old people has believed in the market truly is not much however.

In interviewing, complaint of the personage inside a few course of study: Current and character, existence cure raises the system chronic and stubborn disease that break up, medical treatment resides door of Ministry of Public Health, provide for the aged belongs to civil administration branch, each other is not crossed row. Difficulty of provide for the aged is produced inside the hospital heavily, medical treatment managing inside beadhouse also is not to have Zhang Ke abide.

In the meantime, existence cure raises learning antipathic problem. Western medicine is treated again, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised again, do not raise in cure, cure, cure is short of to raise in raising discontinuous, cure raises policy, cure to protect, title, pay do not deserve to cover, and domestic gerontology develops opposite lag, environment of comfortable old diagnosis and treatment differs the hospital etc, by no means an isolated case.

Accordingly, how to fulfil ” the directive opinion that joins about advancing medical treatment sanitation and photograph of service of provide for the aged ” , realize cure and raised perfect couple, it is the real test that mode of this kind of new-style provide for the aged faces.

Reporter Guo Bin

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