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Medlar is the food of sanitarian preserve one’s health with hep people, those went up the person of age, know the value of sanitarian preserve one’s health, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Have medlar with often having inside the home, of medlar eat a law to have a lot of, boil congee for instance or stew when join medlar, compare additionally having a way simply is to use medlar bubble water to drink, need reminds everybody to notice, eat medlar to want to control good amount everyday, not be to eat morer to had been jumped over, so can paunch postpartum mother have medlar?

Can Caesarean birth eat medlar?

Can Caesarean birth eat medlar?

Belong to postpartum lactation now, medlar is had then enrich the blood the effect of filling gas, this is not affected, can of bubble water drink. Postpartum attention does not eat raw or cold food acrimony excitant food, seafood, coffee, it is OK to eat high protein food more.

This does not have a problem. Medlar, in clinical traditional Chinese pharmacology classify isFall in love with the sea

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: Enrich the blood medicine

Can Caesarean birth eat medlar?

Flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, kidney putting in liver ‘s charge via

Have: Filling liver kidney, beneficial essence blood, bright purpose effect

The puerpera avoid by all means after undertaking Caesarean birth is not smooth lie, because,this is postpartum as anaesthetic effect disappear, the ache of cut is met slowlyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Apparent, and the ache that makes the same score lying word to be able to make an uterus contractive is more sensitive.

Right way: Side of general proposal puerpera lies. Be in postpartum after 6 hours can pillow pillow, and had better be to use side to lie a bit better. Can choose to be in quilt or rug mat body backside, make as far as possible personallyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Body and wear 20-30 to spend part, so OK the when reducing the body to move to cut shake of utmost is painful and pull pull painful, can let a puerpera feel better off.

Can Caesarean birth eat medlar?

How does medlar eat most filling kidney?

1, fried dish, one is put when doing congee. Using medlar bubble water to drink is the commonnest, but the vitamin that contains in medlar is Shui Rong mostlyFall in love with the sea

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Of the gender, encounter heat to be destroyed easily. Recommend a dry medlar a little bubble, in the fried dish, when doing congee, or when the evaporate steamed stuffed bun, boiled dumpling that boil, it is OK to put a bit medlar to make burden.

2, eat like common food. The method that has medlar to had been compared resembles namely common feedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Congee meal, skilly, dish is entered like content inside, not only nourishing, and won’t suffer from excessive internal heat.

3, when calling soya-bean milk, put a few. A lot of people take medlar bubble water to drink, it is to immerse simply merely, medlar is absorbed completely very hard medium vitamin, carotene. When optional choose is calling soya-bean milk with soya-bean milk machine, put on one small medlar, can make full use of so all sorts of nutrition material that medlar place contains and microelement.

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