[the burden that how Yun Tun of _ of recipe of makings of Yun Tun soup becomes delicious _ to boil Yun Tun boiling water by soup] –

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Yun Tun also is called flat feed, it is Guangdong Guangxi area famouser characteristic is fastfood, it belongs to another name for Guangdong ProvinceShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Dish, it and wonton still have differ certainly, call Yun Tun, because the pronunciation of language of another name for Guangdong Province and wonton compares likeness,be, when doing Yun Tun, it is more important that the cloud swallows Shang Ye, general meeting uses new pig character, use a few seafood to undertake making, can say flavour is exceedingly delicious, cloud swallows the recipe that soup expects how to be made in light of us.

The cloud swallows soup makings recipe

Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
How is Yun Tun done by soup delicious
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Material: Head of shrimp of new pig skull, chicken wearing, shrimp carapace, white peppery bead, ginger

The cloud swallows soup makings recipe

Fry head of shrimp carapace shrimp with iron bowl first sweet, this must be done, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Do not have head of shrimp of parched shrimp carapace raw meat or fish smelly and without fragrance. Pig bone flies to enter the water with gallinaceous wearing fishy smell of take out blood.

Bag of the soup that use Bao encases head of shrimp carapace shrimp, wear even bone chicken peppery ginger to be put into stainless steel together conflagration Bao leaves inside the bucket, turn two hours control small fire Bao, pink of chicken of monosodium glutamate of sugar playing salt is good.

Some cloud swallow face inn to also can be put fry soup of sweet earth fish Bao, a bit more high-grade still can put bit of shrimp roe to precious jade of column and so on, the purpose also is to add sweet, peppery case add sweet the effect with monarch raw meat or fish.

The cloud swallows a practice

Feed material preparation

Advocate makings: Broken pork, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Broken beef makes an appointment with 150 grams in all, the cloud swallows a skin 18 pieces, scallion breaks 2 are measured, garlic fine and soft is measured 1 grain, unripe pink 2 teaspoon, dawdle makes an appointment with 80 grams, oyster sauce 2 teaspoon, teaspoon of sesame oil 1/2, albumen is measured 1 times, unboiled oil, cattle is fat each are right amount.

The cloud swallows soup makings recipe

Flavoring: Often draw 1 spoon, chili juice 2 soupLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea

The measure that make

1.Melt with slow fire the cattle is fat, explode sweet green bead and garlic fine and soft, take out join dogmeat, mincing dawdle, oyster sauce, sesame oil and unripe white, mix divide evenly expects into stuffing.

2.Expect stuffing to even ground divides 18, every bag is inside skin of a Yun Tun, the skin is swallowed in the cloud all around the albumen on besmear, next diagonally to fold synthesizes Yun Tun.

3.Unboiled oil of a few on the besmear inside one shallow dish, put Yun Tun, lie between boiling water evaporate ten minutes to come Yun Tun is squashy, dip in flavoring is offerred feed.


Cook cloud is swallowed, except lie between boiling water evaporate ripe and outside feeding, also can put go up to soup is thoroughlied cook and be fed. If use,go up soup thoroughlies cook Yun Tun, can swallow the cloud first float water, will cortical a Bao Fenchong that go up goes be being thoroughlied cook again, taste, the cloud swallows mouth of can sweeter Hua Shuang.

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