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Giving darling to prepare food is first class important matter of mom, because the child has fully, have a meal to want compared with the parent a few happier, when stir-frying to darling, because consider to there is additive in a lot of oil now, not quite good also to the body, want to choose the oil that appropriate darling has according to the age of darling so, such word can prevent exceeding in the alvine line of fat and adipose card in darling, the body that gives baby causes bad effect.

 With what oil darling fried dish is good

Adipose with intellectual growth have close tie

* World Health Organization points out: Flax acid has indispensable effect in human body development and health, suggest prescription of all baby food and provision part are medium, should contain flax acid.

* cerebra is by adipose composition, and the fatty acid that human body place needs 70% come from edible oil, so, healthy edible oil is great to intelligence quotient influence.

* ” the nutrition of cerebrum ” put forward in one article: Not saturated fatty acid (oleic acid) but promotional memory.

Suit the oil that darling has

First selection contains Ω – the edible with 3 much not saturated much fatty acid is oily, if flax seed is oily.

Flax seed oil contains a lot ofω – 3 not saturated fatty acid, namely α – flax is acerbity, can be in DHA of melt into of human body change trains, right fetal with the cerebra of darling neurological development has better effect.

Choose to contain Ω next – the edible with 9 odd not saturated much fatty acid is oily, if seed of olive oil, tea is oily.

Olive oil contains a lot ofω – 9 not saturated fatty acid, among them fight oxidation composition to be able to prevent a lot of chronic diseases, did not pass any chemical processing in producing a course as a result of olive oil, its are natural nutrient composition keeps very in good condition, as it happens suits little baby edible.

The grease composition of tea seed oil and olive oil of battalion nurturance dispenses are extremely similar. Camellia seed is oily not only can reduce cholesterol, still can make darling enhances immune power, enhance the digestive function of gastric bowel path, of stimulative mine agent generate the absorption with calcium. Additional, camellia oil or the nature that are close to person grandma quite are adipose, it is to suit baby relativelyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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outstanding food, among them vitamin E and fight oxidation to becomeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Cent not only can prevent a disease, still have raise Yan HufuShanghai night net

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hairdressing effect.

 With what oil darling fried dish is good

Contain reasonable proportional blend oil

Commendatory scale is seed of a flax oil and 2 ~ 3 peanut oil or soybean oil are harmonic edible. If reach tea seed oil with olive oil,mediate edible, criterion the effect is much better.

Choose Ω – the edible with little content of 6 fatty acid is oily.

What darling suits to eat what oil to suit darling to eat is oily

Darling has what oil good

Skill of edible oily choose and buy

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See outer packing

Press national regulation, date of name of grade of watch of commodity name, burden, quality, clean content, factory, the site of factory, birth, expiration period must indicate to wait for content on edible oily outer packing, must want to have QS (food safety attestation) mark, must indicate whether was product raw material used turn gene raw material, must indicate manufacturing technology is ” compresses ” or ” soak ” .

Imprint the edible that has commodity bar code is oily, should see bar code print normative, whether to have alter evidence, beware buy change at will the mark that pack, do sth without authorization changes the edible of label is oily. If mark not complete or have altered mark, express to was not accomplished according to national regulation, do not do buy a consideration.

 With what oil darling fried dish is good

Press oil of oil expression, soak

Controlling oil expression is the method that uses mechanical physics, oil plants youngFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Benevolence undertake with machinery embryo of broken, make friends, evaporate is fried, compress processing, extruding gives the grease in oil plants, color of reason pressing oil expression, sweet, flavour is all ready, retained the peculiar special flavor of raw material, oil yield is low, price nature is taller.

Soak oil is the method that uses chemical extraction, oil plants after embryo of broken, make friends, evaporate fries young benevolence, with edible class dissolvent (ethane) the grease in oil plants extraction comes out, reason soakLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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oily colorless, insipidity, lost the original gust of raw material, oil yield is high, the price is relatively cheap.

Milling process and soak law are current on international the the safest, most applicable, most economic workmanship, want be safety to accord with national level only. Discern the method is to press oil expression to have sweet smell, soak oil does not have foreign matter.

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